Friday, November 30, 2012

Animal Jam Update

Hi Jammers! Today I have time to be on in Animal Jam. Here's The update:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
And the brand-new item is the cute Cuckoo Clock located in Epic Wonders..
Another new item is....
Lifeguard Whistle located at Bahari Bargains.
Another underwater den item..
The Sunken Safe!
Happy Jamming!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Animal Jam: How to be the first in Jamaa Derby

Hello Jammers! Ever wonder how to win in Jamaa Derby? Well, by the end of this article, you'll know how.
In Jamaa Derby, there are a lot of obstacles. All you have to do is to jump at the right time and don't get trapped in it. If you get trapped, use the carrots. But if you don't get trapped, don't waste your precious carrots or you might loose.
Easy isn't it? Or is it hard?
Well Jammers, that's all for now. Happy Jamming! See you in Jamaa!

Final test!! >:(

Well, I'm going to study for tomorrow's final test. English. The first final test. I hope it's not so difficult.
Hello there! Now it's recess time. The most fun class (science and cooking) hasn't arrive, they're the last two lesson we'll have. I will soon post about science and cooking class. Bye!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Hi! as you see, my blog's views almost reach 1000 views. Whoever can take screenshot of the 1000 views will get a reward in Animal Jam. If you succeed,  please send it to So, visit my blog frequently!

Visit my BFF's blog!

Hiya readers! Please open this following link to go to my BFF's blog, especially for you who like Minecraft or Animal Jam!

Weird But Fun Day!

Hi audience! Today is another fun and tiring day. I woke up at 6:20 am, feeling really sleepy. I almost can't open my eyes even though my "Oppa Gangnam Style" ringtone rang and rang. At school, we watched a really cool video in English lesson. It's about a group of "starling" birds (if I'm not wrong) flying in an awesome formation. I love that video. In Chinese lesson, there are two Chinese class: advanced and basic class. Well, we usually are in different class, but what happened today was different. The Chinese basic's teacher couldn't come. That's why, Chinese basic and advance were combined. I'm going to go to the Basketball extracurricular class now. Bye!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fun time today!

Hi friends, teachers, families, or whoever reading this. Sorry for not posting for about 18 hours. Today I have a fun day at school (most fun lesson was Science and Geography). In the Science lesson, we make a project, which is better than sitting on the chair like a statue. The project is about Solar System. Me can make it either 2D or 3D. Of course, we get higher grade if we make the 3D one and if we make it more interesting. In the Geography lesson, we were instructed to take a fun quiz ( and play TypeRacer, where we race and find out who type the fastest. I'm not a really fast typer, I'm just average. How about you? Feel free to comment!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Rare Item Monday-Rare Bat Glasses!

Today's rare item is a rare bat glasses. Be sure to buy it before it's gone tomorrow!
This is how it looks if you wear it on your wolf.
Cool, huh? you look like a ROCK STAR! Anyway, happy Jamming!

PE= tons of fun!

Today's a fun and tiring day! In the PE lesson, the teacher asked us to play Basketball. We must shoot from middle, left and then right. I also played football with my best friend. We tried to kick as hard as we could (also as high as we could). Then we had a free time. I'm in the Homeroom Session now. Time to go home! I'm going to a piano course at 16:30.
I am at school now. It's the first recess and the last class will be fun. PE! Yeah, I like PE class. How about you? Comment please!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Animal Jam: How to get a lot of gems

Hi Jammers! I know a lot of you have wondered for centuries how to get a lot of gems. I have some suggestions: play games where you can earn a lot of gems. These games are:
1. Falling Phantom (you earn 300 gems or more for the first place!)
2. Best dressed (200 gems for the first place!)
3. Jamaa Derby or Splash and Dash (150 gems in the pro game for the first place!)
Okay Jammers, that's the top three earning-money games. Play it continuously (even better if you get double gems on it). Last one, I wanna tell you how to win in falling phantoms. First tip, beware of the falling phantoms. Better if you stand in the middle. Second tip, don't over-move. Third tip, pick some coins at the side of the game to get more gems. That's all for now, Jammers. Happy Jamming!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Animal Jam - all about Best Dressed!

Hey Jammers! Let me talk about Animal Jam for now. Well, in this picture in best dressed I was wearing a mint-green Gazelle horn. Isn't it great? I hope I have the green one instead of my purple-pink one.

Okay, the next picture is also about best dressed. I got 5 votes! Wow, I was so happy!

Friday, November 23, 2012

School's Got Talent!

Hello audience! I'm in the English class. Well, let me tell you some fun stories about what happen about an hour ago.
There's a Got Talent in my school! well, there are 4 teams: Red Warrior, Yellow Archers, Blue Templars and Green Paladin (my team!) Well, they did a really good performance. I remembered when one of the group (I forget what group is it) Dance a lot and at last........ Guess what, audience? They dance GANGNAM STYLE! Cool, isn't it? Other groups sang with Piano and Saxophone, and lots more. I couldn't remember all now.............. Okay, I will tell you who was the winner! For the third place........ was the band of Blue Templars! And for the second place................... the Yellow Archers! (Yes, they sang really well..) and for the first place.........! Was..........
THE BLUE TEMPLARS!!!!!!! (again)
Well, that's all for now. Jammers, happy Jamming! Audience, have a happy a-day-after-thanksgiving!

BONUS: Pottermore House Cup!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Happy Thanksgiving, happy Feast of Thanks and happy Turkey Day everybody! Be thankful to everybody today!
Wow! 3T's!

Today's fun time at school!

We started the day with Chinese class. It's difficult because we had oral test, and we must memorize it! Unexpectedly I must do the oral test tomorrow instead of today. The most fun lesson was Science and Cooking (we call it Food&Nutrition). In the Science lesson, we did the Activity Book. We must stir a solid and liquid and write the results there (whether it is a solution or suspension) and many other fun things. In the F&N lesson, we must cook a pancake. This cooking lesson group also consist of 4 people. Our group's pancake was yummy, but its shape was umm..... yeah, it's not a perfect shape.

Go Home Time!

I'm going to go home from school now. It's 14:45 now, and I'm going to attend the Mandatory Reading Class...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Basketball Class

Hey Jammers and friends! I'm back from Basketball extra class and now I'm in my room. The Basketball class was so much fun. The challenge was shooting from far away. Any of you can shoot as far as half of the Basketball court? Comment if you do!

Challenging Day

     Today's a tiring and challenging day. I love the time when we make a Powerpoint and one of the member must do presentation in the Science class. My group (which consist of 4 people) must do a presentation about Jupiter. We discuss it together and write some facts down. I think it is good enough. Now I am going to go to the Basketball extra class.

Welcome to my new blog!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog! Hope you like it!
Sometimes I am busy because of homeworks and tests, but I will sure post every time I can.
You know me as Severus1 in Animal Jam and GalleonSparks20061 in Pottermore.