Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hey audience! I can't post because I'm going on vacation. I'm really sorry, but be sure to check it every time you can, because I will soon post if I'm back from vacation!

Ice Phantom Statue and Candy Cane Tiara

Hi Jammers! Today I made a new storage account in Animal Jam, the user is TheWeasleys. It is useful for clothes and den items inventory, isn't it? When Liza talked and trained me, I could walk anywhere and talk too! And BTW, why it says "Lost  Temple of Zios"?

Today's returning Daily Gift is the Ice Phantom Statue.
Another returning rare is the Candy Cane Tiara.
I also discovered a glitch in Animal Jam Spirit a few days ago.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

700 gems and Jamaaliday Earmuffs

Hey Jammers! Today's daily gift is 700 gems. It increase 100 gems every time, isn't it?
Today's new fluffy winter item is the Jamaaliday Earmuffs located in Jam Mart Clothing.
 Today's returning rare is the Gift Pile located in Jamaaliday Jam.

That's all for today's update. Jam on!

Frozen Pond

Hiya Jammers! Today's returning Daily Gift is the Frozen Pond. I like this item.
Today's returning rare is the Lit Ornamental Cedar, located in Jam Mart Furniture.
Another returning non-member rare is the Candy Cane Crown.
Happy Jamming!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sorry for not posting yesterday. Okay, let's now talk about Animal Jam. Have you noticed that AJHQ change the homepage of Animal Jam into a Moving picture?
I also noticed that the "Join the club" design has changed. It change into 3D moving picture.
In Epic Wonders, AJHQ released another golden item: the Golden Samurai Helmet.
Have you noticed that the Epic Seasonal Tree has turned into a fancy-colored tree? I think it is a really epic tree like its name.
Uh-oh, Animal Jam is offline>:(
For about an hour or even more. I'll post son if Animal Jam is online and there's something new. Bye!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Returning rares and 600 gems

Hello Jammers! Today's Daily Gift is 600 gems.
Today's returning item is the Lit Baobab Tree located in Jam Mart Furniture.
Another returning item is the Coral Snowman located in Sunken Treasures.
If you want to add me in Animal Jam, add me in my storage:
1. LordVoldemort1
2. honeysweety
3. littlesweethoney
I accept anyone. I asked you to add me in my storage account because my main account has full buddy list.
Play wild!

Happy 12-12-12!

Happy 12-12-12 everybody! This is the last all-same-number Date-month-year, because there is no  13th month. So we must wait for another 90 years (01 January 2101) for a 01-01-01. That's why, enjoy our day today!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lit Palm Tree

Sorry Jammers, I forgot about the Lit Palm Tree! you can purchase it for 200 gems is the Jam Mart Furniture.
Jam on!

Gingerbread House and Jamaaliday Scarf

Hey Jammers! Today's returning daily gift is the Gingerbread House. Do you like it?
Today's new item is the Jamaaliday Scarf, available for all Jammers.
 Maybe that's all for today. Please comment and join my blog! thanks!
P.S: I have a prediction: bow and arrows maybe will come in another different color, but Jammers will prefer the 2011 version.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rare Reindeer Mask, Anemone Head Bow and vote for Next Party!

Hi Jammers! Today's rare is the Rare Reindeer Mask located in Jam Mart Clothing! Cute rare!
This is how it look on your wolf.
Today's Daily Gift is the Anemone Head Bow.

It won't appear in my main account, so I used my storage account.
By the way, you can vote for the party you wish to be in Animal Jam! Just go to this link:
I'm confused between Alpha Party and Day of The Phantoms Party. At last I decided to vote from two different gadgets.
By the way can you readers please comment in my blog? Please tell me if u are here!  And I appreciate every comment!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

500 gems and glitch, glitch, glitch!

Today's daily gift is 500 gems.
 Today's returning rare is the Jamaaliday Bow.
Another returning rare is the sweet Paw Candy.

Picture taken from Animal Jam Spirit, thanks Snowy!
These are some annoying glitch in Animal Jam!
Game list glitch:
 Buddy list glitch: WHAAATTT??!! I have 1 buddy only??!!
Luckily, it increases into three.
Now, I reload the page and find out that I have 0 buddy, and it increases to 1 buddy. Suddenly it changes again to 100 buddies.
I interviewed my friend about glitches. She experienced a lot of glitch including that glitch too.
Another glitch is I cannot change my pet. Sorry, I cannot post a screenshot because I'm going to mall. Bye, Jammers!

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Hurraayyy! I got the screenshot of 1111 views!

I met Snowyclaw!!!!

What's up Jammers! Today's returning Daily Gift is the Fireplace. It suits our Gingerbread House well, isn't it?
Another returning rare is the awesome Reindeer Poop, which you can fool your friends by putting a lot of Poops in a small non-member den!
This unique Three Horned Armor is suitable for any animal.
Go ahead to Animal Jam Outfitters to buy this real wolf plush!

Today I met Snowyclaw! Here's his/her photo:

I was so happy to meet him/her! He/she was kind. Sadly, he/she must go.

Friday, December 7, 2012


Another new item, Snowman Mask! Purchase this new cute item in Jamaaliday Jam party.

Daily Gift

And this is today's daily gift... Candy Cane Light, the returning daily gift from last year.

A non-member Fox!

Hey Jammers! I saw a non-member fox today! His/her user is madjaster26. This is the picture. He/she had been a member.
Another regular glitch! have you ever experienced this glitch?
Today's returning member rare is the Candle Ornament. Do you like it, Jammers?
Well, I think that's the only new returning rare. Happy Jamminglidays!

At school!

There's Christmas celebration and exam review today. Now I'm sitting in my class, 7D, with my BFF. She's a Swiftie. We have a lot of fun because final test is over and now it is free time. I also get satisfying results for my final test. My BFF also get satisfying results. And now, after we worked hard, we are satisfied enough.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Animal Jam EPIC Winter Update!

Hey Jammers! Winter is now in Jamaa! I'm really glad because the lovely song from last year come back! I miss it. For this time's update, Jamaa Journal have pretty lot to say.
First page: Happy Jamaalidays, Jammers!
Second page: Go ahead to the cool and epic winter party, Jamaaliday Jam! The daily spin has been replaced by the Daily Jamaaliday Gift! So be sure to be on in Animal Jam everyday to grab it!
Third page: Be sure to be a member this December and adopt your own REINDEER PET and get 2 unique member gift!
Fourth page: keep donating to help the big cats in the real world!
Fifth page: Be sure to buy these cute souvenirs from Animal Jam Outfitters!
Last page: Read The Daily Explorer to discover more about Peck the rabbit alpha!
And the new item for this time's update is the returning rare, Gingerbread Tree! You can purchase it in Jam Mart Furniture for 200 gems.
The daily gift for today is 400 gems. Yeah, not bad....

I think that's all for this time's update. Once more, happy Jamaalidays, and bye!