Thursday, February 28, 2013

School... ._. and TypeRacer

Hi everyone! I'm at school now and I am bored because Typeracer can't load well. If you test your typing speed, what is your highest wpm? Comment below!
Have fun typing or playing games! (Or possibly study!)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Who Is The Winner Of The News Article?

Hey Jammers! Do you want to know how to find out the News Crew winner? It's easy! First,open The Daily Explorer. Then right click the picture of the News Crew screenshot and click "save image as..." then see the file name. The file name is the username of the winning News Crew Article.

Congratulations to kady5!
P.S. I can't be on in Animal Jam... :(

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sorry For Not Posting

Hey audience! Sorry for not posting. I really have no spare time at all, I can't be on in AJ. You might ask where am I this weekend. The answer is, I gather with my families. I also have a Chinese homework. So yeah, that's all, bye!!! Be sure to check my blog everyday!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

How to get an arctic wolf in animal jam

Hello everyone!! today serverus1 told me that i have to post something today. So... i will be talking about how to get an arctic wolf in AJ, so here's the steps:
1. Make a PayPal account (required parent's help)
2. Go to this website:
3. Just put it to your cart and complete the information using PayPal (required another parents help)
4. When it is send in your E-mail address, all you need to do next was to go this is website or page address:
5. Now after you go to the page, all you need to do was put the code and redeem it (just put the number and press continue)
6. You are all set to play as an arctic wolf!! Just log on in animal jam and play as the membership

Well that's all i need to post so bye!! and wish it could help all of you!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

;D I am sooooo bored

Hello guys!

This is pollylacke here, one of severus1's many authors. :3 Remember me? Hehe I am bored. Bye! XD

Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Wolf!

This is not about Animal Jam, this is about my wolf. If you want to you could choose either one by commenting below. I made this wolf in Wolf Maker.

Thank you!

New items the past few days

Hey Jammers! Sorry for not posting, I have a lot of tests and homeworks lately (as usual).
Friday's new item was the rare den item, the Cherry Tree!
Meanwhile, yesterday's returning item was the Hat and Curly Wig.
 Today's new item is almost the same as yesterday's... the Curly Wig available for members only!
That's all, I think....
Happy Jamming!

Friday, February 15, 2013


Hi Jammers! Today we have the returning heart antennae head band and heart glasses, get yours in Jam Mart Clothing! Too bad you can't wear em' both at the same time, eh?

Next, we have an all new (limited, right?) party-the Paradise Party!
Really big, if you ask me! I got lost in it! Also, there's a new log in format.
 The other sign in format hasn't been changed one bit, wonder why... Lastly, there's a new Friendship Festival post on the Daily Explorer.
That's everything (I think...), hm, seems like this post was too short-wait! It's National Geographic's(the company that sponsors AJ) 125 anniversary!

In addition, the Jamaa Journal has reported the "rumor" is true, raccoons are coming to Jamaa.
 In other news (heh, like a TV Reported, eh?), Cosmo's hat contest winners will be announced in two weeks, in other words, next update.
 Wait, so the best buddy contest winners are out, but not the hat contest winners? Weird... Okay, so that's it for real!
~I hope to see you in Jamaa~
Happy Valentines Day! :) 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hey audience! Today it's a special day.. the Valentine's day! Today, you can give chocolates, flowers or souvenirs to your loved one or your best friends.

See ya! Don't waste this special day! Go hang out with your friends and loved ones.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New stuffs

Hi Jammers! Sorry for not posting for a long time. Here I have a few screenshots of a few days' ago items.
Yesterday's Rare Item Monday was the Rare Knight Armor, located in the first page of Jam Mart Clothing. Pretty pricey, eh?

2 days' ago returning item was the Rose Bouquet.

Meanwhile, yesterday's returning flooring rare was the Pink Swirl Flooring.

Picture taken from AJ Cookiez.
AJHQ has also posted about the Rare Monday and the News Crew in The Daily Explorer

Well, I think that's all. Bye Jammers!

Armor & Pink Swirls

Hi Jammers! Since no one posted today I decided I would. Today's Monday rare is knight armor.
Buy this item in Jam Mart Clothing!
Even though it's pricy, it goes well with the last Monday rare; there's already a post about it on the Daily Explorer.
What really annoys me is that this item is for members but last Monday's rare was for everybody...

Is this an ambitious way to get more Jammers to join the Club? Moving on, pink swirls are finally available in the Friendship Festival! ^_^
Another news crew winner has been revealed, read their article about being safe at the Daily Explorer, of course.
That's all for today! I'm sorry if some other author wanted to post today...
~I hope to see you in Jamaa~

PS- I made a new post on my other blog, Jamaa's Glitches & Scams, be sure to read it! ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pollylacke is here!

Another New Author!!! :)

Hello jammers! This is pollylake, and I just got accepted to be an author on severus1's blog! :)
I noticed there was just a new author that joined me just a few days ago. I am thrilled to be posting on this amazing blog, and I am looking forward to posting soon! 

Anyway, there has been some new items today! 

This is the Heart Rug, sold in Sunken Treasures. Sorry nonmembers, this item is for members only! :( 

This is the Pink Crystal, sold at the Friendship Party shop! I don't know why AJHQ is coming out with member things all the time! Maybe they will come out with nonmember stuff as a grand finale. :)

Omg! They came out with heart lockets! :D Yay! There you go nonmembers! There is your nonmember item! Anyway, this is the heart locket, sold in Jam Mart Clothing. I am not sure if all jammers can change the colors of the locket, I am member... so I don't know! Anyway, (again... I get so off topic) they are 150 gems! Cheap price! :D

Well, that's all for today jammers! Ttyl! 

I will post sometime soon! 

-Pollylacke on AJ! ;D

Pink Crystals and details of Friendship Party

Hi Jammers! There are a new item in the Friendship Party: Pink Crystals!

Well, I do hope it's useful for you who hasn't attended it. Bye Jammers!

Heart Locket and Heart Rug

Hey Jammers!!! Sorry for not posting for a few days. Two days' ago returning item was the Heart Rug, available for all members and for sale in Sunken Treasures.
Yesterday's returning rare (famous one) is the...... HEART LOCKET!
There are also a lot of new posts in the Daily Explorer. Be sure to check it out!

Bye Jammers! For Chinese, have fun with your families! Don't forget to take a photo! :D