Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Apoligies.

It is my Apoligies that I haven't been posting on this blog frequently. I'm really sorrowful right now. I  hope you guys understand, also because I have started school and my life has just been 50% more busy than my regular basis. My schedule is quite irregular now, hence why I haven't been posting. You are probably wondering why the Polly Lace is writing like an old lady, welp that's because I have been practicing my writing recently. I wish you guys understood how I feel right now because I might get kicked off the Authors squad. And these guys are amazingly tLanted and writing. So I hope  you guys know that I'm not dead xD. I'm just caught up in these spectacular stories called fanfics. And I am writing my own on my blog, Ilygsm thanks for the support.


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