Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi jammers
This is my last week in New York !I have mixed feeling on leaving i guess 
So anyways, hmm alota Glitches in aj I went to trade my Bat wings for a worn, 
i did the trade , so it wasn't i flash trade, Put once the trade happen , i got a tiger
Plush : / .. Both me and the other person were surprised , so i ask for trade 
back , But they ran.. Later they jamagram, saying sorry " but a trade is a Trade " 

So Today Rare item !
 Found in Jamaa Den items Market is the rare Pink Sofa ! 


  1. Wow, do you get internet access in New York? You were online in AJ....

  2. lol trish i have family in NY if you had instgram
    iv uploaded a bunsh of photos

    1. Did that seriously happen to your "worn?" That's crazy! O_O