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Read this post I copied from Stephen's Animal Jam Diamond that I think needs a good walloping. Most of it is something I agree with, except for the horrible, horrible Snowy hater part.

Are They Who They Seem?

Okay I have a LOT to say here. SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT THIS POST. All I'm saying is all of the stuff I'm going to say is TRUE and happened. As long as I know it is because well, it is, I DON'T CARE if you believe it or not.

• My friend is planning to suicide on July 10th
• Silver101 scammed looker77 not that long ago
• VisualEffects is a rotten scammer
• Snowyclaw is a two-face villian 
• Taxe and Dens are up to no good as criminals
• A lot of you people are idiots
• Will any of you believe me, I think not, unfortunately

First of all, my awesome epic friend Bedoobers is planning to suicide July 10th please treat her with the utmost respect and show her lots of care and friendship. Give her gifts, and do ANYTHING to make her stay. Bedoobers goes through a lot in school and online. So just..make her happy, please? :c

Apparently, looker and him were dealing with items and Silver claimed: Hey, you can buy nonmember wings at the Cocoa Hut you know. Then apparently looker gave Silver his nonmember wings for something cheap on his trade list. I know Scary Bat Wings (nonmember wings) aren't worth THAT much but he still did scam. 

It all began when Melly (LoveLost) a dear friend of mine first met him, but here are her words to better describe what had happened to her:


Part 1: The Beginning

"I discovered AJ when a friend introduced the game to me. Times were simpler then. There were not many animals to choose from, and the newest animal was the harp seal. Seals were for members only, and there were not many members. Rare items meant nothing at the
time. The only thing that mattered was friendship. Scammers were there back then, but there were a lot less of them. Since rares didn't matter, scammers would just take random items from people, or whatever they could get. The main way that the scammers scammed was by getting people to send them a gift, promising to give a gift in return. Of course, no one ever got a gift in return, yet everyone still fell for it. The trading system was not out yet. But let's get to my personal experiences. On my first day, AJ seemed like the best game ever. The dens looked epic, there were so many cool things to buy, and so much to do. I had a bunny named Blossom Berryflower, a white bunny with a red star pattern. I made my second animal another bunny, this one named Blooming Berryninja. Me and my friend pretended to eat "ninja berries" and out main animals would turn into ninjas. Later that night, she showed me her den. It was a castle den. To me, it looked really cool, and was enough to get me to buy membership the next day. Every day, both of us read Fuzzy Shyivy's blog (Animal Jam Rush) which was the most popular AJ blog. She was hosting a party at Mt. Shiveer one day, and me and my friend sat at the party location for at least 2 hours. We really wanted to be the first ones there, I guess. The party time came, and Fuzzy added both of us to her buddy list. But one day around the beginning of March, Fuzzy stopped posting. She didn't leave a goodbye post or anything, so nearly all of her fans were left clueless. My friend came up with the idea that I should make an AJ blog to help the jammers like Fuzzy did. And that is when AJF was born.

Part 2: Animal Jam Flash 

 My goal was to help people and have fun. It was never my goal to be famous or popular. Shortly after, the new land called Appondale came out, as well as elephants. My friend discovered a glitch in the game Spider Zapper that allowed her to see the layout of the new trading system. So we were possibly the only ones to know about the trading system at the time. (I actually can't remember when the trading system came out. I think it was a little but before AJF but I don't feel like rewriting this lol) After some days (or weeks) the trading system was officially introduced. And that is when people made their own "rarity charts". The trading system had some flaws, one of them allowing an easy way to scam people. This method became known as the "pillow scam". I am not going to explain how it worked, but there are some blogs that will explain it. Instead of scamming people, I would stand in front of pillow to prevent the scammers from clicking on the potential victims' nametags. Anyways, AJF grew pretty quickly as there weren't many AJ blogs out there. I will admit I was excited to see my view count go up every day, but as I said, I wanted to help people, not become famous. Eventually, AJF became the most viewed AJ blog. That record is no longer mine however, but that doesn't matter to me at all.

Part 3: Boring Stuff

I eventually became interested in collecting items, both rare and non rare. I am not (and was never) a scammer, so I had to get my items the legit way, by trading. I always made sure to keep my friends a higher priority than items. (I will skip the boring stuff) Eventually I became a "pretty good collector". A bit too good according to some people, such as pizzadrop. He went and told everyone I was a hacker and hacked all of my stuff. The rumor got around, and my den was always full of random people calling me a hacker. So I decided I needed to start hiding my stuff. That is when I created a new, secret account.

Part 4: Mr. Cool Guy

This is where things get mildly crazy. My secret account was IiIy which looked like "lily" but is actually iiiy. 2 of the i's are capital, which makes it look like the word lily. Unfortunately someone discovered IiIy. IiIy got invited to some party held by VisualEffects. I had no idea that that day I would get scammed. It turns out Visual is actually a greedy scammer, and just accuses other people of scamming just to cover up his own scams. Visual scammed IiIy's tan carpet and brown pilgrim hat, both were very rare at the time. Me and some peoples now call him Visual Defects for the lols. To this day people don't believe that he is a scammer. But I know what happened. He is just greedy for his virtual items. IiIy later moved to another account, that became rather popular. The new account was llIIlIIlL, more commonly known as L. His name was confusing on purpose. The username is typed lliiliill which through a lot of people off, even if it is simple. I didn't want too many people to know about L, but L did make a few good friends. And there was no way I would just ditch my friends. (Just to clear things up here, L was not a scammer either. Many people copied his name later on, and most of the people who copied his name happen to be scammers.) After a month(?) or so, the non member sword was discovered. It was owned by Celene. It turns out she was a pretty good person. One day, she got hacked and lost the sword. I cannot remember the new owner of the sword unfortunately. But then it was discovered that there were 2 pirate swords, both were purple. I wanted a pirate sword just to have, like most people did. I don't remember the name of the other person who had one, but I believe she was the one that hacked the sword from Celene. The other girl just happened to get one in a trade.We will call the innocent girl "Curly" and the evil one "Misery" for now. (10000 gems if you get the reference) I trusted Misery and we began to trade. She refused to only take 4 items from me and instead wanted 8. She made me get a storage and trade her storage 4 items for the storage's necklace and have L trade her main account 4 items. Stupidly, I did that and she only accepted the necklace trade and ran.
Part 5: The Scam

I also trusted snowyclaw. And that was a huge mistake. So here is what happened. After I was scammed, I went to snowyclaw's den which is where Curly was (it might have been Curly's den, not sure). I told them what happened. So many things were happening at the time. Most importantly, my friend needed help. (gingerpawz) At the heat of the moment I didn't know what to do. I made the horrible choice of ignoring gingerpawz and instead trying to get me a purple sword. And that is when snowyclaw (or as we call her now, snowyflaw) scammed L. In the crazy moment (it is all a little blurry other than the scam and stuffs) Curly accepted my trade for the sword. So I had finally gotten my dream item. But was it really worth it? Nope. Not one bit. I almost lost a friend, got scammed twice, and stoof. And for what, a digital sword that would eventually be available in AJ some way? Snowy had scammed my open sign (I think it was an open sign) spaceship gray walls, beta hood, and something else that I don't remember.

Part 6: Epilogue 

After the scam, I haven't logged in with L very often. I sent the sword to my main account, but I never wore it because of the rumors that I was a hacker. I barely told anyone that I was L or that snowy was a scammer. Like what happened with VisualDefects that I left out is that no one believed me and I was called the scammer when I did nothing. That is why IiIy switched to L. It was around this time that I switched to LoveLost as my main account. The only person who really believed me was my good friend spyro. After all this I learned a few things. One is that Visual is a scammer, two is that the "great" snowyclaw is also a rotten scammer, an three, rare items don't matter. I kept my story hidden because I knew spyro was probably the only one who believed me, and to this day only a few people actually believe me that this all happened. I don't blame you (the reader) if you don't believe this either. -_- I shall continue to write the rest of the story while I have time. "

– Found on Animal Jam Flash, LoveLost's Blog –
• What she said was completely true •

Now, about Snowyflaw...okay well, she thinks I need PROOF. Well here's what I say:

- Those who need proof are those who are guilty 
- Those who are powerful humans are powerful at evil
- Those who have fame are those who trick (manipulate)
- Those who want more when they have enough are those who are selfish
- Those who are getting bored reading this, keep reading

Taxe and Dens (Bearbro) are two of the biggest hackers and scammers on Animal Jam, along with their anonymous new accounted accomplice, SolidGolden. They are those who hacked LoveLost's new account on which she had a beta Eyeball Hat and more. Just to clear things up to those who are foolish, AGAIN, LoveLost does NOT scam nor has she EVER. Along with me although in the past I have scammed which I totally regret. While I was talking to Dens while we were "friends" he told me he's done much worse than just hack. Is he a young criminal? He has said he's given viruses to people's computers. He threatened to hack me and give me one but well, we all know that hasn't happened yet but still could. Stay away from them, and don't let them trick you.

Okay honestly, I'm an honestly honest person who tells people honest things so here it goes:

If you guys think LoveLost scams and Visual doesn't:
If you don't believe Taxe and Dens hack:
If you believe Snowyclaw is innocent and always has been:
If you think scamming is the right thing to do:


There, I said it. I WILL NOT disrespect you for your opinions but I'll let you know that some of you guys see proof but don't even know it. Then you accuse me for being a scammer or something crazy like that. 

When I said the stuff above about how Snowy needs proof here's what happened; I was telling her about how I SAW Dens and Taxe hack someone infront of my very own eyes and ask me to join their hacking team; I declined and told everyone to watch out for them and report them. Then she asks, "Where's your proof?" I'm sorry..WHAT?!
Isn't it COMMON-ANIMAL JAM-SENSE to know they hack?! 

Now, I don't want to fight with anyone but here I'm just sticking up for my friends. Wouldn't you do the same thing? So please, believe me when I say all of this stuff. Because it's TRUE. 

Whew, that was a LONG post. Anyways...

« No Hate » 

Also, please don't like gang up on me with haters or something, lol. Just don't. These statements are mine, I never said you had to believe them. Alright well, bye.


  1. Dont you remember all the crap and bull-shit bedoobers pulled on me? I'm sorry, but he/she can go to hell.
    1. That was her BROTHER though, not HER.
    2. I still couldn't care about them.
  2. I actually have to agree with you. There is no perfect person, and all these people have done something bad in their AJ life. I have always suspected Snowyclaw...What could be hiding behind that calm voice and humble personality?
    1. Thank you, for agreeing with me.
  3. I don't really know much about the other people because they are YouTubers that I have never, nor probably ever will, see.

    I don't know about VisualEffects being a scammer, but I do know that scammer or not, he gets on my last nerve. His "proof" videos are a word that I am not going to type. He acts superior because he is older; I doubt he would play AJ if he wasn't hero-worshipped because of his rares. Grr...

    You know, I think that is the first negative rant I have ever made...
  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    1. How dare you. Hate on me even if you didn't read all of the post.
  5. Wow, good luck with bedoobers. And snowy, totally believe it.

  6. Wow.. Snowyclaw? I've always wanted to meet you and I did, Snowy, OH WOW. Btw Infinity, I belive you. :) Bedoobers, Hope you'll stay. D: Dens, REALLY?! I was buddies with the scammer and hacker, Oh wow. People say snowburn is taxe..? Anywayz.

    ~ Katty7766
    Oops, I mean ALERT... o.o
    Anywayyyyy...PLEASE don't get angry at me or anything, but...
    Snoyclaw is really nice, to me anyway. She said that there was something like that Mel wanted to do a tradeback; when they hadn't agreed on one, Snowy didn't do a tradeback, and...yeah. Well, that's part of the AJ rules, isn't it? Once you've done a trade (bar scamming) then you do not have to tradeback unless you agreed.
    Also, Visual is nice to me.
    Even nasty people can be nice to people...
    Ok, I'm confused too.
    I will email you when I get home, back with my nice, normal keyboard...
  8. *sighs* I'm trying to DEBATE with you, not hate, but I will just say that I do NOT know of all of the famous hackers and scammers, okay? Its CONSIDERED common knowledge, but some of the older Jammers aren't aware of them BECAUSE WE'RE BUSY. In fact, I'll confess I do NOT know much of famed Jammers such as Madjaster or Julian2, and will NOT hate on anyone I do NOT have proof to be against, so I just quietly watch what other peeps do. I think scamming is WRONG WRONG WRONG, but it happens in real life, so I just try to ignore it. I believe that LoveLost does NOT hack and the others do, but for Snowy? We need a LOT more proof if you want to get past some of the others, such as me, Mia and ILCC. So, you could say I'm a partial idiot, but I'm just trying to speak nicely and point out a few flaws. Also, Snowy is a LOT busier than me and doesn't seem to want to hate on an innocent whelp, and so needs proof. In fact, if I were in her shoes (paws, whatever) I would say the same thing. Also, was that the post LoveLost made that she eventually deleted? Case in point, I do believe that your friend could be planning suicide, and that I actually have thought of it before. Just tell her to think about the great things she could do if she persists, and try giving her philosophy books to soothe her. Hold strong, live strong! So... yeah, I won't check back since this comment might get deleted and I get a nasty remark, but Stephen, YOU'RE THE IDIOT IF YOU DELETE A FRIENDLY COMMENT JUST TRYING TO GET YOU TO PRESENT A LOGICAL DEBATE! Trust me, I've seen hopeless debates before, such as the Sonally and Sonamy issue, Mecha Sally, and the retro-is-so-awesome-and-new-is-not common problem, and I think that unless you provide some proof that rules out MINE, you're probably not going to get the good comments you've got so far.
    And here, is my comment. It is what I think on the issue. Comment, and be sure to tell Snowy.

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