Saturday, August 3, 2013

Giant Pet Fox Plushie! ;D

Hey Jammers! *Gasp* I'm shocked, there was no post yesterday and no one posted today! Anyway, since yesterday was the first of August the Peridot Birthstone came out! 
If you born in August or you're just collecting, buy yourself one in Epic Wonders! AJHQ made a post about it the other day too. 
And today's item was the Giant Pet Fox Plushie, sold in the Summer Carnival. 
Here's an interesting glitch I found while deleting some of my unused animals.
How come I can only recycle half of my animals? I also managed to do the 'ocean animal on land glitch' it looked very odd.. O_o 

Anyway, I recently found this neat advertisement for Animal Jam. Isn't it neat?
And lastly, AJHQ posted about the Conservation Museum's new kangaroo exhibit on the Daily Explorer
That's all for today, Jammers!
See you in Jamaa~

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