Friday, August 16, 2013

Rad Animal Jam Cake!

Yeah, its been a while since I posted, because of numerous things. Don't trust the rumors about me, I'm not a hater and I'm not stupid. Believe me, I know the haters are out there!
So, enough jargon and talk. Here is the cake. What do you think of it?

Its cool and all, but I wish that including something JAMAASIAN would be nice...sigh.
And, a picture I found on the site Pokefarm that is quite disturbing and AGAINST the stories I post on my own blog.
It was an avatar, but its NOT fitting for a game (no, I am NOT making the game excessively gory in my own stories, I am just illustrating what it SHOULD be like behind the scenes) that is meant for kids and is too bloody for my liking. What is that huge wound on the wolf's neck, anyway? So, feel free to comment what you think of these pics, and Jam On! (No banner due to computer change, sorry.)


  1. That cake is pretty cool! Was it for your birthday? And idk what to say about the wolf pic.. I guess it's kind of disturbing. Anywhoozles, what's the new item?

  2. O.O That wolf is so disturbing. O.O Bur rhw cake is beautiful! :D. Happy jamming!


  3. I want that cake for my birthday XD Its nice :3

  4. That wolf must be princess orangemountains wolf form! Princess orangemountain is the queen of the phantoms and she was dark and cold. But then the alphas came and defeated her and then she was trapped in phantom mountain for good. But her followers, the shadow tigers couldn't be cured. Now, she has returned for nothing, but
    But the shadow tigers are normal jammers now,
    But their souls are phantoms