Thursday, December 6, 2012

Animal Jam EPIC Winter Update!

Hey Jammers! Winter is now in Jamaa! I'm really glad because the lovely song from last year come back! I miss it. For this time's update, Jamaa Journal have pretty lot to say.
First page: Happy Jamaalidays, Jammers!
Second page: Go ahead to the cool and epic winter party, Jamaaliday Jam! The daily spin has been replaced by the Daily Jamaaliday Gift! So be sure to be on in Animal Jam everyday to grab it!
Third page: Be sure to be a member this December and adopt your own REINDEER PET and get 2 unique member gift!
Fourth page: keep donating to help the big cats in the real world!
Fifth page: Be sure to buy these cute souvenirs from Animal Jam Outfitters!
Last page: Read The Daily Explorer to discover more about Peck the rabbit alpha!
And the new item for this time's update is the returning rare, Gingerbread Tree! You can purchase it in Jam Mart Furniture for 200 gems.
The daily gift for today is 400 gems. Yeah, not bad....

I think that's all for this time's update. Once more, happy Jamaalidays, and bye!

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