Sunday, December 9, 2012

500 gems and glitch, glitch, glitch!

Today's daily gift is 500 gems.
 Today's returning rare is the Jamaaliday Bow.
Another returning rare is the sweet Paw Candy.

Picture taken from Animal Jam Spirit, thanks Snowy!
These are some annoying glitch in Animal Jam!
Game list glitch:
 Buddy list glitch: WHAAATTT??!! I have 1 buddy only??!!
Luckily, it increases into three.
Now, I reload the page and find out that I have 0 buddy, and it increases to 1 buddy. Suddenly it changes again to 100 buddies.
I interviewed my friend about glitches. She experienced a lot of glitch including that glitch too.
Another glitch is I cannot change my pet. Sorry, I cannot post a screenshot because I'm going to mall. Bye, Jammers!

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