Saturday, December 8, 2012

I met Snowyclaw!!!!

What's up Jammers! Today's returning Daily Gift is the Fireplace. It suits our Gingerbread House well, isn't it?
Another returning rare is the awesome Reindeer Poop, which you can fool your friends by putting a lot of Poops in a small non-member den!
This unique Three Horned Armor is suitable for any animal.
Go ahead to Animal Jam Outfitters to buy this real wolf plush!

Today I met Snowyclaw! Here's his/her photo:

I was so happy to meet him/her! He/she was kind. Sadly, he/she must go.


  1. snowyclaw is so nice :D

  2. well you can have a friend sit down in your den and then you can put the reindeer poop behind them XD

    1. Lol XD
      I love reindeer poops, but too bad I don't have any DX