Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Helping World Hunger

This is an English Schoolwork.
By Trisha P.
29 January 2013
West Jakarta, Indonesia

Dear editor,

     I have been wondering a lot about world hunger. It's getting worse in several countries. I believe that all students in Indonesia, even all of the human beings in the world could lend a helping hand to any person who suffer because of the world hunger.
     Do you know that 15 million people died each year because of hunger? It means that in this world there are 41,096 people dying each day due to poverty and hunger! There are 1.4 billion people who suffer from hunger RIGHT NOW!
     Now, I will tell how can we, as a student, help world hunger problem. First, we can donate money through some organizations. Second, we can influence our friends and tell them about the world hunger problem in the world. If they're inspired, we can also suggest them to donate. Third, if we see hungry people, be sure to give them food or something to eat. Maybe you think that this is impossible. But it is possible. If EVERY person in this world do that to one or a few people, there will be no world hunger at all! Here are some links which may be useful for you to donate for the poor:

     If you are going to throw away your food, think twice before you do that. There are starving people outside and you throw food? Is that a correct attitude? So, do NOT ever throw your food. Appreciate that you have sufficient food to survive. Thanks for reading! Love and peace!

Sources: Google and Google Images
Warm regards, 


  1. Oh my gosh! That poor little skinny kid! I agree with you :)

    1. You're right... That's why don't waste food..