Saturday, January 5, 2013

Updates and Expiry of Membership

Hi Jammers, sorry for not posting.
My Animal Jam Club Membership has expire! This is how it looks :

Meanwhile, these are the Animal Jam update while I'm on vacation.
Jamaa Journal
First page:
Second page:
Third page:

Fourth page:
There are two new clothing: The Hat & Beard and Reindeer Mask.
There are a lot of new den items in Jam Mart Furniture: Giant Candy Cane, Candy Cane Lights, Stocking, Snowflake Table, Ice Cube Chair, Frozen Torch, Ice Prison and Pile Of Snowballs.

In the New Year's Party, AJHQ sell four den items: 2013 Firework, 2013 Banner, Wolf Firework and Heart Couch.
Bye Jammers!

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