Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blogger: 10 ways to get a lot of views in your blog

Hey Bloggers! Wanna know how to get a lot of pageviews each and everyday? Here I will include several tip and tricks.
1. Tell people to visit your blog through social media like Blog, Facebook, BlackBerry Messenger or Twitter.
2. Make your blog colorful and attractive. You could also add some gadgets from the "layout".
3. Use proper capitalization, spelling and tense.
4. Be sure to post everyday and every time you can. More posts, more views.
5. You must post something that is easy to understand and isn't boring. Pictures would do. Readers love pictures, better not to write long articles without any picture at all.
6. Polls are interesting!
7. Talk about something good. Do not talk bad about others, or say anything that would hurt other's feeling.
8. Useful articles would also add lot of pageviews.
9. You can share this to your friend or to your blog but be sure to write the source: my blog! If not, it's called PLAGIARISM!
10. Enjoy a lot of blog views!


  1. Wow it works you have three new viewers lol jk ;)

  2. You're welcome all, and thanks for the three comments! :)

  3. Cool blog! Mine is The Animal Jam Gharial.

  4. I'm with AJ cookiez .. Warning can get alittle crazy there lol ;)