Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hey Jammers
Today item is a returning ones 
from fall .. works well in the O'barn den
can be found in Jamaa den market  or 
right from your own den its the 
Pitch Fork 
sorry bout the picture 
im on the laptop : / 



  1. Thanks for posting my internet was down now it's still down sometimes it can connect and then it suddenly does not connect again... :(

    1. Be very careful , I went on .. With in seconds I was logged out , went back on .. Again logged out , so I loged in again .. Finally work got the new item, went to my den , and noticed my firepit was gone .. So I looked around saw all my beta and den items gone .. So I loged off changed my password .. Went out .. Came in bout two hours later , and all my rare clothes were gone .. I changed my password three time , I think there still getting on my account

    2. Oh :( I feel sorry..
      The hacker is a pro then.. Or maybe your password is too easy?
      Beware if you got logged out suddenly, because maybe it means somebody is opening your account...
      Now I suggest you to tell AJHQ through email about everything, how you changed your password and still got hacked... I did that if I'm not wrong when I was hacked..
      I once got hacked because of too easy password. The person hacked my phantom in cage and all my colored non member gloves and rare worn and others... I was extremely sad. But then I changed my password, developed into a bit rare person and yeah I've never been hacked anymore.

    3. Dad call AJHQ .. No answer , we changed both email password and AJ password ( did the email password after sadly )

      but Trish you saw my den and some of me clothing
      I was super rare only item I didn't have was spike collar and that's mostly because I didn't like them

      Idk I never get back to where I was , and I know it's not bout rares , but it's different me giving away like I did alot .. And someone taking it

      I hope you can handle the blogs for two or three days I'm take sometime off and see

    4. Ouch that's bad :(.... they must be available every time Jammers need them.. and great idea changing those passwords..
      And yeah I know right you're a rare person.... you're kind to give away something to your friends.. the hacker is bad and he must know how it feels.. but we just don't know who the hacker is.. AJHQ just won't tell who he is if you emailed them.
      I can't promise, but I think I can give you some stuff in AJ...
      I usually can't go on in AJ but nvm... thanks for posting almost everyday!

    5. no don't send items, i still dont know if im quitting, and i want to besure they can't get on my account be for anything

    6. Thanks for the offer tho , :)