Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Science Week and Science Fair! ^.^

So hello audience! I'm at school right now and it's recess time. This week is the Science Week (which was held in the Gymnasium), and today, before recess, all  7th grade students performed some cool science experiments (including a mini game and souvenirs because our audiences was from 5th, 8th and 10th grade). We could also get some stars from the 5th grade students if they like our performance.

So, my group (which consists of 9 people) began our Color Changing Chemical experiment. We used red cabbage as an indicator and some acids, distilled water and alkalis (also known as bases). So, I will explain how this play-while-experimenting worked. My friends explains about the chemicals, and now it's time to play! My Korean friend taught the audience about how to shoot the shuriken (small sword that Ninja usually used) made of toothpick to a Styrofoam board. For example, if they shoot to green color, they must choose one chemical that they THINK will change into green color. Anyone who participate in the game will get a candy. Anyone who gets the color right will get either a lollipop or a few candies. Well, we DO get some stars, but that's not really much. Some other groups get even more. But we were satisfied. When the Science Fair today was over, we cleaned the table, take the decorations off the wall and gave the chemicals back to our teacher.

We walked out, exhausted while carrying some decorations which is now useless.


  1. lol sounds like you had some fun !
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    1. Of course we had some fun, but there were some fails in the beginning...
      For the plushie it seems unfair to you, you don't need to give it to me. Thanks though.

    2. Your a friend :) .. I have a plan muhahaha !! Check you email in the next day or two :)