Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wooden Fence

So now I'm gonna do a quick post, sorry no photos..
So today's returning item in AJ is Wooden Fence for sale in Jam Mart Clothing for only 150 gems!
There are also some post in The Daily Explorer.


  1. Trish just a quick question
    What's with the other authors ?
    Noone post but you and I ?
    I don't mind , just sometimes I fall behide
    And it's nice to know someone will be there if I can't

  2. Hi Foot, sorry for late reply..
    I don't know about that, probably they don't want to post or they can't post. It's okay if you can't post for me. Sometimes I can post when you can't, but not every time. Just don't need to think too hard bout it. Thanks!

  3. lol np I can't most if the time , was just wondering if they did before I came ? I hope I'm not taking it away from the others..