Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gold Chain Necklace

Hey, jammers!  Willaforce here!  Today's new item is found in Jam Mart Clothing, the Gold Chain Necklace!

How pretty!  Unfortunately, it is for members only.  Hopefully it becomes non-member soon!  ^.^ Also, I'm so sorry that I didn't post the second new item yesterday that was in the Diamond Shop.  It is...

Wind Tail Armor!!!  It looks a lot like elf tail armor, doesn't it?  ^.^  Also, I am still wondering if Cosmo's den in Meet Cosmo, is the new den?!  Anywho, happy jamming everyone!



  1. Hey Willa, thanks for posting everyday! Sorry I still can't post, I'm still very busy with the school task.

    1. You're welcome! I'm very busy with school too, being in 6th grade and all. ^.^. No problem!