Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Hive and More!

Hey, jammers! Willaforce here! Today's new item is.............
The wristwatch! Unfortunately, I won't be able to wear it right now since I'm non-member. But I'm hoping to get an Arctic Wolf. (^_._^)(cat face)
Anywho, nextttttttt!!!!!!!!!!! XD
The news in Jamaa is, well, new! The Hive has arrived!

So for the next few weeks, the Hive will be for members-only. Sorry, non-members, but soon you will get to play it! (^_._^)
Elephants are back! And next week, we will have pet tarantulas! (^_._^)


The haunted mansion is back! And...... oooh, spooky time! Time to get out your costumes!
Nextttttttttttttt!!!!!! (okay, I'm getting tired of nexttttt)
And visit the Daily Explorer!
And there are more things!

Hmm.....New animal, new map! (^_._^)

And there are these little green things with phantoms on them! And it takes you to here! The Phantom Vortex. You can play Phantoms!

Anywho, I must go to class! (^_._^)

Happy jamming!


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