Monday, September 2, 2013

Repost Of A Post

Note: This is a REPEAT post of something else, but it is recommended to read the bottom if you do not want to read the entire post. It is a post about the Rare Aviator Hat, but the bottom is what is recommended to read.

Hey everyone, Amy Jiao here. Seems like Ronen STILL hasn't come back, and school starts tomorrow... uh-oh. Images credit to Animal Jam Soul and Spirit. (Notice the odd selection of what blog to use this time?) Okay, to not get caught up blabbing as I usually do, the new item today is what the Adventures may or may not have predicted... Rare Aviator Hat!

Personally, its OKAY, but its certainly NOT going to be the first item I'll buy on a Monday. In other news, I got my membership back with an Arctic Wolf card... and guess what?
Well, at least with three months, we get 10 diamonds for another animal... ah well, logic fails me yet again... Animal Jam, I command you to remove all diamonds. It's wrecking the game I know and love. Monthly member gifts are desired by most of us. Plus, what is it with Animal Jam making the adventures godly hard? It's supposed to be a LITTLE KID GAME, why is Meet Cosmo and the Phantom Portal have phantoms that are hard to dodge, caves with confusing layout, so on so forth? I know its meant for older kids to enjoy, but STILL, I'm one of the older fans, and I haven't beat Meet Cosmo yet due to the insane difficulty! Lower it down, AJHQ!
Now, done with the ranting, here is the DE post.

Eh, I don't care, I got all of the dens you can get in AJ, so I'm fine.
Now, to the ominous part of this post...
I've been thinking about the Afterlife for a while, and I want others to also wonder, so I can get help thinking about this. Many people believe in the afterlife, and many others claim they have solid proof. Some people have supposedly visited Heaven, some supposedly saw a world beyond worlds. I believe there IS an afterlife, but its up to you to customize it. So, comment below on what you think, Jamaasians... maybe you will be right.

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