Sunday, February 3, 2013

Animal Jam Epic Huge Update

Hey Jammers! Sorry for not posting for a long time (I was extremely busy). Okay, now for Animal Jam's new items and Jamaa Journal:
Those pet tigers are pretty darn cute!!
 Bemybuddy is the code to get free gems!

 Sky High arcade game is now available for ALL JAMMERS!
Raccoon will be the new animal in Jamaa! I wonder is it a member or non-member animal?

Go ahead to the Friendship Party!

This month's contest is the Best Buddy Contest! Be sure to follow it!

Get this plaque by clicking the earth sign!
Meanwhile, these are some new jam-a-grams for the month of February.

Yesterday's new item was the Heart Necklace located in the Bahari Bargains.
Another new item is the Amethyst Birthstone located in Epic Wonders!
Bye Jammers! If you want to be an author, be sure to visit the "Be An Author" page and comment!

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