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Infinity's Drama (Rant)

Okay, here is a link to the post I will talk about: To Clear Some Things Up. Please read it first before reading this post.
So, anyways, because I fear that I cannot wait until tomorrow to post about this as part of my Daily Topics (exclusive to Animal Jam World Blog, be sure to check those out), I will post about it NOW.
So, Snowyclaw has been part of much drama. Well, that mystery person who thought "those who need proof are guilty" is none other than Stephen Sloane, or Infinitymagicheroisback (Infinity for short)! Now, he is head-first into the topic of scamming, rares and drama yet again...
This post... was horrible. First of all, he accused other Jammers of things that most people, including me, do not have any proof to back up within our memories, and second of all, FOR GOODNESS SAKE HE MAY BE CAUSING SO MUCH DRAMA THAT THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY OF OLDER JAMMERS MAY BE RIPPED APART! Sure, this isn't as much drama as PREVIOUS DRAMA CASES, but if enough people see this.... well, the results won't be pretty. And here are three comments I think are more true than his very own post...
  1. infinity just be quiet, Neb is an amazing person unlike you will ever be. You say you don't care about Rares but you took them off earlier, and when people said you looked ridiculous you put your Rares back on, You do not know how much of a horrible person you are, I am suprised you didn't mention me in your Hated Peoples List I would be glad too share a response :)


    1. I agree. I have TRIED to stop him from this "Snowyclaw is a two-faced villain" madness, but he just deleted my comment. Now, I will admit it even though my comment WILL get deleted, I know this, I HATE HIM NOW. Look, I understand your opinion, but I would rather not talk to YOU again because for all you know, Julian2 could be a person in a crisis that has gone insane, and that the people who seem like "real friends" could possibly betray you and dupe you into getting a LOT more haters. So, I would say that I still view this blog because you are in my circles and give suggestions, but instead of my past liking what you did, I'm keeping you at a distance as to not hurt myself further. I know you will NOT keep this comment up, but you have gone through SO much drama that I want to show you an honest opinion. To finish off this opinion... I DO delete people I don't remember on my list, mostly non-rare Jammers, but I only do it when I don't remember them and have no reason to keep them on or that they have been gone for too long. I delete them ONLY when I have a good reason, such as getting a new buddy I like or such. I know this may cause drama, but I hate it when people like you start drama I am forced to watch from afar. Be careful with writing, writers are more powerful than you know. I learned that a long time ago...
  2. Also, I know this will get deleted since you don't seem to want people to say "You're wrong" on your blog, but I'm commenting anyways... you need to learn that this post is causing MORE drama than just leaving these topics ALONE, so LEARN when its NOT safe to post topics. Seriously, you're older than me, and I've only caused minor drama due to my stupid actions. This sort of drama.. is just plain retarded and evitable. Please, stop this madness, just post daily items and stop these posts that are likely to cause drama.
    Now, Stephen, I will NOT delete this from this post if you want me to, because I now HATE you. Hate, hate, hate you. You are causing SO much drama I would not be surprised if most of the Jamaasian community would start to hate on you. For our own sakes, STOP POSTING ABOUT DRAMA STUFF! Your opinions are appreciated, yes, but PLEASE DO IT IN A GOOD WAY. Heck, you're older than me, and I have only caused MINOR drama despite being a SPIRIT JAMMER!!! Jeez, you've caused SO MUCH MORE just because of your retarded posts. Yes, this IS a RANT, but I'm just so angry at his own stupidity. Go write this down on a piece of paper and burn it or rip it up, because posting it on the INTERNET is going to ruin our lives. I want to live a secluded life from drama, popular but not crowded and hated like Snowyclaw and Julian2, but now your actions have been threatening to ruin that dream. Heck, this is NOT clearing things up, its causing more drama for the rest of us. Stop deleting comments that say "You're Wrong", take it in consideration, leave it there, and reply your opinion. Now, me and others consider you RETARDED and COWARDLY for just those actions. You're older than me, STOP ACTING LIKE A REDUNDANT SIX-YEAR-OLD! Because he may delete this post, I'm copying it to make sure you see all the stupidity packed in it.

    To Clear Some Things Up

    Hey guys, I'm making this post just to you know clear a LOT of things up including: am I a scammer, the people I hate and why, how I got my Beard, etc. But first of all, let's start off with one of the big subjects:

    Q: Is Infinitymagicheroisback a scammer?

    A: No, I'm not. I used to scam though but quit 2 years ago.

    Q: What kinds of things did you scam?

    A: Small typed rares like: Caged Phantoms, RC Cars, etc.

    Q: After a while, did you regret scamming all those things?

    A: Yes! Of course. I totally regretted it and gave most things back.

    Next, the people I hate and why:

    Q: Infinity, do you hate Bepper?

    A: I mean hey, she's a nice person but we've had some difficulties and betrayals like when I gave her a Rare Bow and Arrow to feature me on her channel she agreed and did so. Then about two days later she took me off of it? Why, I wonder. That isn't all though; she also has deleted some of my friends when they became un-rare. She also has been quite on evil's side when it comes to worst. Like when me and Dens were fighting she just wanted it to stop. I understand that but she didn't do much at all other than make an influence. You people need to realize Dens and Taxe are HORRIBLE, CRUEL, HACKERS and SCAMMERS. 

    Q: Wow, interesting. Do you dislike LilacPetal as well?

    A: Not that much. She's probably one of 'those' people that I like best though. She can be quite kind but also quite boastful. She has overreacted to some things involving her fans, viewers, and subscribers. I just don't see why that should matter to someone so called not self-obsessed. 

    Q: What about the Northerns? (i.e. NorthernKing, Quiet777)

    A: Definitely not! NorthernKing and NorthernQueen first of all are somewhat grownup hippies and try to hoax ways to defend themselves like making a script and having their teenage son read it pretending to be NorthernKing who 'isn't' an adult? KingAlmighty and Quiet777 are INCREDIBLY boastful and mean. I don't see why people WORSHIP and RESPECT them when they're only famous for sitting on a freaking boardwalk or bridge. KingAlmighty's user is also racist in a way to a Christian like me. If you know what I mean that is. 

    Q: Very nice explanation! How about Julian2 though?

    A: I honestly don't really and here's why; okay well to start off, he seriously doesn't care about his AJ friends and only cares about their rares. He has deleted MANY people that got scammed and became un-rare and many people got scammed because of something HE discovered and made up: flash-trading. He apparently 'quit' when rares and betas came out but he's actually on a LOT. Did he do it just for drama? For more people to subscribe to him? Well I certainly think so. He also seems to boast quite a lot, why the marshmallow do I need to see your whole Animal Jam screen shown to prove your iMac is 27" I honestly don't care but I'm just saying, that's pretty much boasting. He also boasts about things such as his rares, gem amount, Gold Bricks, life in total, and more. Hey, NO, I'm certainly NOT jealous. I have quite good things just like he does but that doesn't mean I go deleting people for their rares or their poor life maybe, but he does. Actually, I DELETED most of my snobby/rare/famous so called "friends" BECAUSE they're like that. I wouldn't want to be someone's buddy just for their rares. It'd have to be their personality. That's why I kept SOME rare people like Snowyclaw or Kinyonga on my list. Because they're true  friends. 

    Q: Hmm, that was quite an intriguing response. What about VisualEffects, Omgbrbidklol, Doughnutt, NebulaStar, and allthose people?

    A: Ugh, I really can't stand those people. They think they're the rarest and most valuable people on earth. 

    Well that's all I'll be saying tonight guys! I'll do the rest tomorrow.
    Stephen, really. -.- You are TAKING YOUR RELIGION AND PAST into this, which are NOT good things when they could be used to stir up drama. Also, you are complimenting yourself on the "Q" parts, which I do NOT appreciate when its clear you aren't doing things right. Also, you yourself seem worried about your self-image, not your personality. You took off your rares, then put them on when people told you you looked bad, you listened to Snowyclaw's opinion, not two other level-headed Jammers that had a similar opinion, and then, afterwards, you wanted to pretend it never happened instead of admitting to the world your mistakes. For goodness sake, go learn some self-control. Yes, this IS A RANT, as I said before, so I may be going overboard a bit, but this is NOTHING compared to what Infinity has stirred up. Anyways, that's all for now, comment your opinion (Don't hate if you disagree, say it in a nice way) under the comments, and Jam On!

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