Monday, July 29, 2013

Rare Musketeer Boots! :)

Hey Jammers! Wolfs here (I know, long time-no post, but I've been really busy keeping up with videos updating, and doing my math homework! D:), today's RIM (Rare item Moday) is some neat looking Rare Musketeer Boots! They are available in Jam Mart Clothing for a whooping 1,000 Gems! Wow, these RIM's prices are really getting out of hand! >_< 
And while trying to open Jam Mart Furniture's catalog, this happened!
Hermm... I guess that makes total sense, I mean, I have 10,000,000 Gems but the item costs 10,000,000  so I can't get it-wait, what!? I think AJHQ and I need some help with our math! >.< Speaking of math, school's almost here for most of us and for some of us we're already in school (sucks, right?)! So, if you haven't been to the Summer Carnival you'd better head over now before it ends (I'd say we have 1-2 months before it's gone). 
See you in Jamaa~