Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunday's New Item

Hello, everyone, update now.
But first, listen to my trashy soundtrack! No, really, just listen to it. The movie is coming out on August 7th, which means I cannot view it unless I use YouTube. =( I'm going to Hong Kong from July 10 to August 21, of course, so I may be posting less often.
And now for the new item! Items, I should say.

Since I've got quite a lot of money earned from the adventures (I'm level 5 and know of all of the treasure chest locations), I can easily purchase more tickets, and I'm planning to get Freedom Kitties soon! Since tomorrow is July 1st, its true for shizzle (10 points to the person who can name the comic strip that came from) that tomorrow's item will be the next gemstone, which means today I have to get my inventory ready! Three new slots, coming right up!

New videos! Speaking of the scientists, I wonder what will be the next Brady Barr expedition...? Comment your guess!

And a video post. These guides are REALLY cliched, but I think they're helpful to the younger Jammers out there. And a new code.: DRAWING.

It grants you 500 gems, which is actually pretty good! I wonder why the new code is DRAWING though, of all words AJHQ could use. Hmm...
Anyways, a NEW GLITCH! Yippee! Its one of the Insanity ones, try asking a glitch-master about that one. I don't have much info on it, though, so here's just an image. I'm not even sure if it really is a new one.

Also, I want an orange and blue tail armor really badly, if you have one will you trade me it? My username is roxy30000. Here is an example:
save image
That's it for now, happy Jamming!

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