Friday, July 5, 2013

Rumors Exposed Under The Sun

If y'all don't mind, since I'm also an author on the World Blog for All Jamaasians, I'm just going to copy it over here since it covers EVERYTHING I want to cover in today's post. Enjoy.

Hey everyone! First of all, the new (creepy) item is the Sun Hat, sold at the Summer Carnival, for a low, low 5,000 Tickets! *applause*

Be sure to buy Freedom Items soon, next update they're going outta store! Also, speaking of Freedom stuff, last night I stayed up late watching fireworks. For those who can't enjoy it, its loud, flashy, and sleepy, in short. Loud for the exploding fireworks, flashy for the flower-shaped fireworks, and sleepy because it happens late at night. I couldn't get good enough earplugs.
There was even a mushroom cloud. Now, the new DE post...

Hmm, that explains why its shaped like a heart! Rumor has it that if you collect 'em all, you get a POWERFUL adventure item and an achievement!
Also, because these rumors about Snowy are getting outta hand, I'm going to post her side of the rumor's story.

I haven't had time to record a video (because I'm on vacation, I'm sorry), but I thought I should discuss a few misplaced rumors being spread about me. I simply want to share my side of the story, you may take it as you like it, seeing as proof for these matters is not really present on either side of the argument.   Anywho, allonsy!

The first rumor: that I'm a hacker.
This rumor was based on the conversation I had with a friend (who wants to remain anonymous, but will hopefully remove this rumor from his site at some point?). He was telling me that certain jammers were hackers and had cerated green Gazelle Horns, and I was worried this would start rumors. I asked if we had any proof of what was going on, because I hate the drama and backstabbing that this kind of stuff starts. Sadly, my friend decided that "those who need proof are guilty" and started telling people that I was a hacker. In my effort to stop rumors from spreading, a rumor was spread about me. ^.^ Conclusion: my friend and I are friends again, and hopefully this will die down. Next!

The second rumor: that I'm a scammer.
This one is more complicated, seeing it's based on emotion, rather that misunderstanding. My friend May (I don't want her to get hate like I have, so I'll be using her old nickname), used to have many "secret" accounts, and she only told the identity to her true friends (I think?). So you can imagine I felt a little hurt when I found out this person, "L," was her. Imagine you thought you were good friends with someone, and they betrayed your trust?

Anyway, it was over a year ago when she, as L, approached me with a trade for some Freedom Wings (when they were extremely rare) that I had found on my old, beta age account. She offered a beta Arctic Hood (which she had two of), Spaceship Grey (also had two of), Moon Dirt (again, had two), and a brown Beard for the wings. Knowing she really liked that Beard I had her switch it out for a little RC Car (she had a fleet of them). After that I accepted the trade (we did not mention trade backs).

A few months later May, as L, asked for a trade back. By then I was very attached to the beta Arctic Hood and the Spaceship Grey walls, so I declined. This is where there was a disagreement. :( May thought that since I was her friend, I had to give the items back. I felt, since I was her friend, that it wasn't kind to demand these items back, especially since she had two of each item. Additionally  according to AJHQ, trades are permanent:
"ONLY trade an item if you are SURE you want to get rid of it!"
I tried explaining this to May/L, but she became angry and starting telling people I had scammed her. Later on she traded the wings for a Pirate Sword (when there was only one or two of them in existence) and everything seemed to calm down.

At one point May convinced her friend ginger that I had scammed, so ginger made an angry post. That's when I wrote all this down before, with some things missing (I didn't even know L was May then). I guess it is what you could consider the only hard proof I have, since I wrote this same story so long ago. Click here to read it. The good news is, ginger and I are friends again!

A little while ago May approached me and said she wanted to be friends again. I was so happy! But soon she returned to arguing about trade backs. I felt betrayed yet again, because it seemed she only tried to become friends with me because she wanted to "get her items back." And now she is claiming I scammed her, without telling the story behind it, simply saying I scammed her.

Conclusion: This accusation of scamming is actually anger over the definition of trade backs for a trade that happened over a year ago. Sorry I wrote so much, I'm not good at explaining things. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, but please, no swearing!
What do you think, Jammers? Post a comment about what you think about these issues! And don't forget, drama is what the phantoms want, to divide us all! 
Think about these things....

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