Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Armor & Pink Swirls

Hi Jammers! Since no one posted today I decided I would. Today's Monday rare is knight armor.
Buy this item in Jam Mart Clothing!
Even though it's pricy, it goes well with the last Monday rare; there's already a post about it on the Daily Explorer.
What really annoys me is that this item is for members but last Monday's rare was for everybody...

Is this an ambitious way to get more Jammers to join the Club? Moving on, pink swirls are finally available in the Friendship Festival! ^_^
Another news crew winner has been revealed, read their article about being safe at the Daily Explorer, of course.
That's all for today! I'm sorry if some other author wanted to post today...
~I hope to see you in Jamaa~

PS- I made a new post on my other blog, Jamaa's Glitches & Scams, be sure to read it! ;)


  1. What? I posted either.. double post LOL ;P

  2. When do i get my spirit armor!?!!!! -.-

    1. Well you will get it later... Just be passion..