Friday, February 15, 2013


Hi Jammers! Today we have the returning heart antennae head band and heart glasses, get yours in Jam Mart Clothing! Too bad you can't wear em' both at the same time, eh?

Next, we have an all new (limited, right?) party-the Paradise Party!
Really big, if you ask me! I got lost in it! Also, there's a new log in format.
 The other sign in format hasn't been changed one bit, wonder why... Lastly, there's a new Friendship Festival post on the Daily Explorer.
That's everything (I think...), hm, seems like this post was too short-wait! It's National Geographic's(the company that sponsors AJ) 125 anniversary!

In addition, the Jamaa Journal has reported the "rumor" is true, raccoons are coming to Jamaa.
 In other news (heh, like a TV Reported, eh?), Cosmo's hat contest winners will be announced in two weeks, in other words, next update.
 Wait, so the best buddy contest winners are out, but not the hat contest winners? Weird... Okay, so that's it for real!
~I hope to see you in Jamaa~
Happy Valentines Day! :) 

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