Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Wolf!

This is not about Animal Jam, this is about my wolf. If you want to you could choose either one by commenting below. I made this wolf in Wolf Maker.

Thank you!


  1. I made one :D It looks pretty cool :D I don't think you know me.. I am polly lacke's sister (ukulelegirl on animal jam)Yeah.. .If you look @ me and my den I have nothing on.. I got hacked so I quit. Check me out on youtube? Im lissie amy :D Welll.... BTW I named mine Scarface.. Lol can you guess what it looked like? Imma make a video of it and post it on my youtube. So yeah. Check it out? The link to my channel is my name :D

    1. Awesome! How to make links in your name? I have no idea of how to do it, hehehe :p
      I've checked your channel, is "free membership" the same with "glitch"? lol..

  2. Hey trisha... wolf maker was the only secret for making a wolf for the our clan -.-