Friday, February 22, 2013

How to get an arctic wolf in animal jam

Hello everyone!! today serverus1 told me that i have to post something today. So... i will be talking about how to get an arctic wolf in AJ, so here's the steps:
1. Make a PayPal account (required parent's help)
2. Go to this website:
3. Just put it to your cart and complete the information using PayPal (required another parents help)
4. When it is send in your E-mail address, all you need to do next was to go this is website or page address:
5. Now after you go to the page, all you need to do was put the code and redeem it (just put the number and press continue)
6. You are all set to play as an arctic wolf!! Just log on in animal jam and play as the membership

Well that's all i need to post so bye!! and wish it could help all of you!!

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