Sunday, February 10, 2013

Pollylacke is here!

Another New Author!!! :)

Hello jammers! This is pollylake, and I just got accepted to be an author on severus1's blog! :)
I noticed there was just a new author that joined me just a few days ago. I am thrilled to be posting on this amazing blog, and I am looking forward to posting soon! 

Anyway, there has been some new items today! 

This is the Heart Rug, sold in Sunken Treasures. Sorry nonmembers, this item is for members only! :( 

This is the Pink Crystal, sold at the Friendship Party shop! I don't know why AJHQ is coming out with member things all the time! Maybe they will come out with nonmember stuff as a grand finale. :)

Omg! They came out with heart lockets! :D Yay! There you go nonmembers! There is your nonmember item! Anyway, this is the heart locket, sold in Jam Mart Clothing. I am not sure if all jammers can change the colors of the locket, I am member... so I don't know! Anyway, (again... I get so off topic) they are 150 gems! Cheap price! :D

Well, that's all for today jammers! Ttyl! 

I will post sometime soon! 

-Pollylacke on AJ! ;D

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