Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hi Jammers! Another new item in the  Lucky Day party!
Clover seats! Cute, I've already added a pair to my den! In addition, a few days' back Bahari Bargains now has a clover cape, ooh!
There's no new posts on the Daily Explorer, but I'm sure there will be some by the end of this day, I plan on getting them tomorrow. Since this is my shortest post-ever-let's make it a little longer, shall we? I want to talk about
.   .   .


Have you ever strolled around in Jamaa, searching for a party to make some new buddies, only to find the only party is discriminating you?

If you're a non-member, you know that's not fair, and members do too! How would you feel if someone was having a epic party but you weren't invited because of [reason]! How unfair would that be?! Remember what Liza said?
Well, that's all for today Jammers!
~See you in Jamaa~


  1. oww I remember seeing something like that in jamaa once " members only party " I was alittle Mad ( even tho I'm a member ) .. Soo had a non members only party .. I still have a few friends from that party !

    1. That's annoying and discriminating (the party)
      But if you take a look to AJ's party, you might also think that they discriminate. Let's take some examples: the Horse Only Party and the Pets Only Party. It's sort of Members Only Party but AJHQ didn't tell you immediately that it's a members only party.