Friday, March 8, 2013

Polls and Late Post

Hey Jammers! As you can see, I added two new polls. Please vote both and do not vote only one of those, as both of them are related. (I need it for Math project).
Okay, let's now talk about new items in Animal Jam....
There are a lot of new items in the Paradise Party!
A few more items to go before we go to today's item....
There are also a lot of returning stuffs in the Lucky Party!
And... don't forget the neat music shop which the Happy-Go-Lucky song is sold! (I love the song!)

And today's returning item is the Clover Cape available for member to purchase in the Bahari Bargains!
Neat, eh? Oh by the way I'm on in Animal Jam right now!
Happy Jamming and goodbye, Jammers!

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