Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jamaa Journal update! Ft. New items

Hello guys! this is Wolf Claw, and today i will post about the new Jamaa journal! Check it out!

And here's the new item! (data)
Name: Clover Earmuffs
Price: 200 gems
Type: Members only
Location: Jamaa township, Jam mart furniture

Hope you guys love them!


  1. Nice.. Good post wolf ..

    We are having a bolg party for AJ cookiez 6,000 views .. I'm also an admin on cookies and would like
    To invite members of this bolg over to the party !
    I'll have the details for yous soon

    ~ footclan

    1. Party details listed under lot o things posting

    2. Thanks Aj jammer! of course i will join the party! :D