Monday, March 18, 2013

Rare Ninja Mask

Hey Jammers! Today's Monday, which means Rare Item Monday! Today's RIM is the Rare Ninja Mask, available for members only in the Jam Mart Clothing.
AJHQ has also posted about the Rare Monday in The Daily Explorer.
If you really want the membership giveaway, be sure to click here.
Happy Jamming!


  1. Great post trish, :) someday you will have to teach me how to link a page to my blog like you did with the membership give away

    1. Thanks and let me teach you how...
      1. Paste the link. (e.g.
      2. Select the link and click "link" on the upper part when you are going to post something.
      3. Click "change" and change the text to display.
      4. That's all and you're done! You can also tick "open this link in a new window" and/or "Add 'rel=nofollow' attribute"
      Hope this helps! ;)

    2. What part do you not understand?

    3. You lost me at teach you how :)

    4. lol I didn't understand any of it : / I'm new to blogging

    5. I know right..... and it's kinda hard to explain it through comment. Let's just chat through email or Animal Jam, okay? Or maybe you can search in YouTube, I usually do that if I need some help....

    6. Or you could add them for me ? If you have time ?

      Only if you have time , and if you do could you set it up like the way you have yours set ?
      The way your have all the blog member pages

    7. Do you mean in the top tabs or in the post?

    8. Yea.. See how you have all the blog members pages link at the top of your page ?
      Like that .. And I forgot to add yours to the list

    9. Okay I will add it for you... but it won't appear :s

    10. Now it works! Check your blog!
      P.S. I added my blog too, does it bug you? Just delete it if it does.

    11. Naw read up ^^^ I asked that you add yours :)

    12. OMG thanks :) work beautifully !!