Saturday, March 16, 2013

hey guys .. hop you all can come ! 


Party Details:

When: Saturday March 16th, 2013- 1:00 PM Central Time

Where: Footclan's den ;) (hehe sorry Foot!)

Who: All viewers, authors, admins, friends. Anyone! :D 
Come one, Come all!

I hope you can all attend! :)


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Why don't you tell me the rules ;)
      I'm sure language is one

    2. Alright, here they are! I even checked off the ones you do and don't, would you also like me to tutor you on a math test, or fix your english?
      1. You must have a Blogger account. (check)
      2. You must have proper capitalization, punctuation, tense and spelling.
      3. You must read and understand "Blogger: 10 ways to get a lot of views in your blog" and do those 10 stuff in your post in my blog.
      4. You must include a screenshot for each item. (half check)
      5. You must post everyday about Animal Jam every time I can't. (half check)
      Here's why, too.
      #2 You simply are too lazy to get off your fat butt and even consider it!
      #3 Screenshots? Haha! You take pic's with a camera or phone.
      #4 Oh, #3 has the answer
      #5 The other authors post too
      Simple enough for ya honey? This blog is about Animal Jam, "young one," not your party and crap!

    3. By the way, how was your party? Did everyone decide I was right? That you shouldn't be abusing your power to be an admin and/or author?

    4. Okay Thanks Kimberly :) your breaking the " rules " yourself ( #1#4)

      And btw party was amaizing And yes I will be posting photos here :)

    5. Huh? I didn't post that... My account has been hacked at least 5-6 times... Besides, it's Anonymous..? Well, I don't know..
      (BTW, my name isn't "kimberly" and it really bugs me when people call me that.)

    6. User says Kimberly ... ? Sorry if it was you , but you as your user said something bout this before
      If its wasn't you sorry .. And what would you like to be called ?

    7. It's all fine, but my nickname's Wolfs. ^_^

    8. Okay sorry wolfs, you said something on my first posting here bout caps, and stuff , so I assumed it was you , sorry
      Alread " rule #5 " that tells me it someone on the blog

    9. Sorry but i cant come to that party that time, I'm super busy making videos and studying.