Friday, March 1, 2013

Post Suggestion

Hey everyone! Do you have any suggestion for my blog? Maybe some suggestions about my post or something else? Feel free to comment below! (I rarely have any idea for the Random Topics).
I hope I can be on in Animal Jam this weekend since I am so busy lately, but maybe I can because seems that today we don't have homework.


  1. Hi, hi, hi, hi!! It's kitty20282, on AJ I was trying to say "I'm a fan of your blog."

    1. Why'd you keep saying "jvioerjbnobnde" and stuff like that on AJ? O.O
      ~Kitty :)

    2. Do you mean stuffs like "qwertyuiop"? It's because it's located in a row, and it become my habit to slide my fingers on those letters, LOL I know, it's kinda weird right?
      And btw I'm a "random" person, so I hope you understand...