Monday, March 25, 2013

Hiya Jammers
I guess first off i would like to say sorry
I noticed that a lot of other bloggers go in 
to depth on there posting and i myself only
cover new items. Sorry for that , but that's
all i ever wanted to do, post the new item
for players to see, In hopes of stopping scams
That being said on with todays post!!

Welcome to Monday and a new rare ! 
Today only you can find a rare lion hat
found in jamaa clothing market 
Is it just me or are the Monday rare
prices going up and up  ?



  1. It's going up.. You know, in my opinion the RIMs are becoming more pricey and not rare, because in fact the RIMs are only changed color items.

    1. i have noticed it seems to jump 200 gems each months