Monday, May 6, 2013


Hey Jammers!
Today's new item is the Accordion, found in the Jam Session!

Its a nice item, sure, but I wish we would get a crystal statue instead. =/
Also, a few weird glitches!

Looks like the lion has two tails!

Hey, little leopard, isn't the music track supposed to be invisible? 0.0.
Anyway, guys, Animal Jam Spirit has had some tricky trolls in the past, but now we're having an over-saturation of them. I hope that Thunder News doesn't get bad Jammers like that! Just when we had peace! >.< I know its off-topic, but I hope we don't end up as badly as they did.
Also, a new ad!

Sure, its a nice ad, but it's misleading in a way! What if people think its about dressing up animals? Animal Jam isn't about that!

And now, we have a Daily Explorer post! Wow, Animal Jam, you leaked the rest of the garden plants. >.<
Sorry about the long post, happy Jamming!

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