Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hiya jammers
so to day we new a new story to follow along with 

Once finished you get three different prizes 

Also todays new item is in the jam party
And yesterdays item is found in the 
underwater clothing items
CR - to snowy for the photo


  1. Again, thanks for posting, Foot. It's torture week and the final test starts today..... I will have Science and Geog tomorrow...

    1. No problem .. Good luck on your test.. I have the next few days off .. Had to stay in the hospital over night last night :(

    2. Thanks Foot. I just finished the Geog and Science final test.
      Ouch that's not fun :( so have the doctor removed your tonsils?

    3. We had the Geog test online..... pretty fun, but we aren't allowed to look at the answers in the internet.
      The science test was.... easy-and-hard. But our teacher gave us a lot of questions...