Saturday, May 11, 2013

AJ Drum Set

I have to go to Chinese Class in a few hours, so I don't have much time for stuff right now. Anyway, to the new item.
Today's new item is the AJ Drum Set. Please send me a pic of it if you have it. Send it to
So, anyway, there is this weird border glitch on the wolves. I find it kind of funny.

Hey, guys! Princess must be having a good time merging with the background! Let's try it out ourselves!
(Mom just barged in and told me about my homework. My paragraph can wait. -.-)
More new stuff to replace the item update!
The sprites have gotten smoother! I like the 3D touch, and that ISN'T sarcasm.

This picture is from Snowy's blog, as you can tell, and you also can tell that the older animals have shown significant improvement.
And the newer items in Jam Session!
Finally! Some rockin' music that will replace the sadistic music in my den! (roxy30000's den)
And a Snowy impersonator. I don't like that concept.

save imageCan you tell this is an impersonator? I didn't at first glance.
Looks like the comment list is still acting up. -.-

That's all for now, have fun in Jamaa!
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