Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday (Party) - Whatwhat550!

Hey Jammers! Wolfs here, sorry I haven't been making posts for a while... Other Jammers seem to be updating A LOT now-a-days... Anyway, today is WhatWhat550's birthday(One of my BFF's), and we're(my friends & I) going to be holding B-Day party for her. 

Whatwhat550's Birthday Party


Tomorrow/Friday May, 10th. 


Imacutebunbunbunny's den.

Er, I think that's all you need to know... I haven't gotten the exact time, but when I do, I'll update you guys on it! Please come & celebrate her B-Day with us! I'll record & upload to Youtube too!

(Whispers) I have a secret to share with you.... 

It's Whatwhat550's birthday!! (LOL) 

~See you there~

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