Saturday, May 11, 2013

Random Update

Hey Jammers, it seems like Snowy also has a hard time finding the item! XD! Still no news on the new item.
From her blog, I will tell you some stuff.
Lucykate found something new in Jamaa!

Thanks, AJHQ, for making it easier for us to submit AND for them to know what the images are for!

Two million views! I hope we get as many in the near future (I meant far future, we're still not very popular), and I hope we get some more viewers!

Also, the "new" News Crew contest. We had this a year ago, in fact it was the very first one! Are you submitting, anyone?
Anywho, does anybody know WHY AJHQ doesn't let the News Crew members do more than have some short fame? They could send Jam-a-Grams every once in a while where they get to write an article for the Daily Explorer by submitting it for a "contest"!
Just my ideas, lol.
Also, it seems like somebody edited my post. Why didn't they take a picture, anyways? I may get a picture sooner or later, BTW.
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