Monday, May 6, 2013

Okay... Please Don't Get Mad At Us For...

As the title says, we haven't been posting regularly. I try to make your time worthwhile, but sometimes I think that Aj Jammer posted when he didn't... and you know the rest. Please, if you're here, don't get mad at us, its MY fault we haven't been posting regularly.
On a happier note, Animal Jam's weather is nice today! Don't forget to pick some flowers, everyone!
To make this post not a bunch of junk, I'll tell you about a nice website and a weird image.
Okay, at My Poke Card, you can make your very own Pokemon card, and post it online! You can also copy it to make a nice picture for you blogger fans!
My pokemon card
This is my card!
Oh, and here is the birthday cake pic I was talking about.

What do you guys think this is?
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  1. @amy I don't think anyone will be mad :) , I post as offtin as I can .. It's good to know if I miss a day someone is there to fill in

  2. I love the cake and I'm not mad at you :) the purpose of having a bunch of author is to post everytime the others can't... You can also learn how to cooperate with each other.