Saturday, May 18, 2013

Being A Member!

Hey Jammers!!! I'm sooooooo excited right now. I got a membership! One of my best friend in AJ gave me a membership code. It's really kind of him!
So back to topic. Today's returning item is the Lei! You can purchase it in the Jam Mart Clothing.
Special offer! Anyone who want a Lei, especially non-members (not the original green one) can request any from me! Just tell me what number do you want through the comment!

That's it, Jammers. Happy Jamming!


  1. I'm so glad you're a member now!! :D

    1. (XD I knew you'd post something like this!)

    2. lol I'm glad you like it .. Sorry it's only a month .. But at least you get to see how it is to be a member :)

    3. I LOVE having a membership! No, it's not "only".. I appreciate it really much.
      I was a member but I became a non-member for a really long time, which is not fun at all. :(
      BTW Foot, you make my music video even better, because I can change animal now and also wear member clothing!

    4. Happy to help ! You have done alot for me .. You might not think so , but you have .. You set up my blog with the tabs, you have done my update for like a month !! .. I'm going back to blogging soon .. A friend Sara mo showed me how to add video to a blog .. So I might try that out

    5. No, it's just me as your buddy helping a great buddy :)
      That's a great news! Blogging's actually fun. Uploading vids are also fun.

    6. lol I keep looking at you tube , got your new membership video ;) .. * waits*

    7. I'm uploading it right now. Usually it take a long time to upload videos.