Friday, May 10, 2013


Yes, this is late, but it seems as if nobody else did it.
Okay, it's mostly about the Summer Carnival. No adventure... ='(
New items:

In the Den Shop!

In the den item booth at the Summer Carnival!
There are signs all over Jamaa!
This is only one!

Click on it to get to the Parties tab and click on this to go there!

First page of the Jamaa Journal.

The exchange booth has returned to make things easier.
Hey, its time for Jamaa's fashion! Get some ideas for your own outfit from the winners!
Most of the items from last year are returning.
Hmm, I wish we had more Jamaasian items!

Rest of the Jamaa Journal!

Sorry, NMs.
I wonder if we will get more Spirit items... and maybe some water park ones...

Hmm, these fortell of new items to come! Animal Jam keeps on leaking!

Well... the animals are leaving soon, anyone have an idea why? I mean, Jamaasian animals don't just migrate.

And a nice calendar! Too bad we can't download the picture, they're actually pretty
without the white stuff over it. Like a jigsaw puzzle!

And of course, double gems. You can get far more gems by a long shot this way. Get it?
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And what's up with this new commenter's list Snowy put up on her blog? I didn't comment that much! 0.0
That's all for now!
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