Sunday, May 12, 2013

Odd Monocles

Hey Jammers!
Today's new item is the High Class Monocle!
Not so high classed, but maybe Jamaasian.

Also, I missed the drums yesterday, so here is the image for the store.
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Tierney has a new tool for us to view.
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The Jam Session music has some sort of adventure theme to it... It's so beautiful...
And, more weird glitches! Animal Jam, I want my unlimited space glitch back and not these sprite glitches! -.-
Hey, Mrs. Shark, aren't your eyes supposed to be in your eye sockets?

The void Jam-A-Gram! Click on it and die! (joking, lol. Bad pun.)

How many glitches can you spot in this image?
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And, a new post on the Daily Explorer!

Anyways, the monocle kind of reminds some people (doesn't for me) about the red eyeglass Greely used to wear as a shaman. However, I prefer his new look, period.

I'm hoping to see you guys in Jamaa, happy Jamming!
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