Thursday, May 30, 2013


Guess what, Jammers? There's an amazing update today about diamonds and the new Club Geoz! I got four diamonds when I logged in, but I didn't screenshot it.
So here's the FULL Jamaa Journal!

I tried to enter the new Club Geoz, but the room was full. Lastly, I managed to enter it. It has a pawsome brand-new song!
Here's the special things on sale. Hurrah, we no longer need gift certificate to get Lion or Snow Leopard!
This one's not really fair....
This one's CRAZY! o.o

Go ahead to my channel and take a look at the video of the new Club Geoz! Or maybe we can now call it Diamond Shop...
Have you ever heard of this item? XD


  1. OMG what's AJ thinking : / took forever to get all legends

    1. I know you will feel really reallllyyy upset... maybe you can trade it for rares if anyone want to... btw my rainbow cloud come back too..
      I'm pretty annoyed with the internet.... I am uploading a few minutes video and it took more than an hour and the internet suddenly disconnect!!! RAWR!! D:

    2. Can we change the item color ? As I have all colors of legend maybe some are still rare :?