Friday, May 24, 2013


Okay, Jammers, here is the new update.

New Brady Barr Video.

Updated tags.

Brady's new expedition, which is REALLY fun, BTW. Snowy says its cheesy, but I think its actually more violent than what Animal Jam has attempted before. Try it out today!

I like the Jamaa background, I hope we get more quests and a downloadable quest background soon!
I also hope we get more adventure fundementals soon, of course.

The prizes you get when playing.

Looks like there is something about to be constructed here! What do you think it will be?

Yay! Calls of the wild! *SPOILER ALERT*

These are the locations, although I wish we had more.

We have a JAG contest now! Will you enter?
Boring ol' filler articles, I wish the Jamaa Journal would get some comics. >.<
Some Daily Explorer posts!

Fruit Slinger double gems! Sling those gems at your buddies! (bad pun lol)

River Race is back! Welcome back, ol' pal!
That's all for the update, Amy Jiao signing out!
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